Eko Patrio Hard work, willingness and strong determination are the keys to the success of Eko Hendro Purnomo S. Sos, better known as Eko Patrio in managing the production house of the Production Company, apart from his brilliant Political Career as a Member of the House of Representatives for 2 Priests with the National Mandate Party. Departing from KOMANDO PRODUCTION which has succeeded in producing a variety of quality television entertainment, Eko Patrio also expands its business to the big screen industry (Komando Pictures), Artist Management (Artist Management Komando), Music (Komando Music), Advertising (Komando Advertising), Virtual Office ( Virtual Office Komando), Cargo (Komando Cargo) and several other businesses. To all cells - this business is under the auspices of KOMANDO GROUP.

Since childhood, the man born in Tanjunganom, Nganjuk on December 30, 1970, was very fond of the world of creative and communication. Starting from his passion for Broadcast on a Humor Radio in Jakarta, this figure of Eko Hendro Purnomo S. Sos started his career in the field of hybrids by forming a Comedy Group called PATRIO, along with his two best friends Parto & Akri. PATRIO was able to survive 13 Years in the Entertainment World, and became a Lawak World Icon in Indonesia. According to him, the world of television is an industry that has promising potential and prospects. This is his inspiration to always produce quality & quality television programs and quality films in Indonesia. In addition, his shrewdness in observing various businesses, was able to make the Komando Group as a Business Cor, unifying various business cells that he built to success and large to date.

With his hard work and dedication, Eko Patrio has succeeded in bringing KOMANDO PRODUCTION into the production house that has been taken into account in Indonesia. Various awards were also achieved through quality comedy programs in Indonesia, such as PESBUKERS who were 5 times consecutive winners of PANASONIC GOBEL AWARD (2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2017).

In the future, Eko Hendro Purnomo S. Sos (Eko Patrio), assisted by his siblings, namely Mrs. Tri Haryanti as President Director of PT. KOMPAK MANTAP INDONESIA (Production Komando) and Mrs. Wiwi Dwi Aryantini as Director of Management Komando Artists will continue to innovate and create quality television programs in Indonesia and also become management of artists who are reliable and favorite in Indonesia. In fact, one of his dreams is to develop and bring KOMANDO GROUP into a multinational company.

Currently PRODUCTION KOMANDO is centered in the Graha KOMANDO building, Jl. Cipinang Indah Raya No.1 - East Jakarta. This building is quite unique, because it resembles a cell network like a spiders nest. Of course this symbolizes an interesting message, that is, a healthy cell network will always grow into strong, positive-quality cells. Like KOMANDO GROUP, this company wants to always develop and innovate to produce the best works in the future. And this of course is a work of the nations children that deserve to be proud of.


Since its establishment on April 5, 2001, PT. KOMPAK MANTAP INDONESIA (KOMANDO PRODUCTION) has a vision to produce programs that not only entertain but also educate all audiences throughout Indonesia. KOMANDO PRODUCTION also wants to bring the message that every program produced provides a moral message and can also educate and educate television viewers in the country. In addition, KOMANDO PRODUCTION has a mission to be able to create programs that reach all levels of society in Indonesia. Because we believe that every individual in Indonesia has the right to get television programs that entertain, educate and quality.


Since it was first established on April 5, 2001, KOMANDO PRODUCTION is one of the companies under the COMMANDO GROUP which is the spearhead of the beginning of KOMANDO success in the national television media business. There are already many quality television program titles produced by KOMANDO PRODUCTION. KOMANDO PRODUCTION has succeeded in becoming the partner of almost all televisions in the country in producing various genres of programs, such as Talk Show, Variety Show, Comedy Show, Game Show, Reality Show, Gossip Show, to various soap opera titles, which have successfully entertained Indonesian viewers and spectacle of the favorite of viewers in Indonesia.


KOMANDO Pictures is a large division of the development of the KOMANDO PRODUCTION Production House which has succeeded in producing a variety of high-quality widescreen films in Indonesia.

Since it was founded in 2012, KOMANDO Pictures has always tried to present a variety of interesting stories, and also has high educational value. In addition, the company under KOMANDO GROUP also wants to provide a different and memorable viewing experience, so that the audience can be part of the story presented. Of course, the audience is also expected to get meaningful moral messages from the work of films made by KOMANDO Pictures.


KOMANDO MANAGEMENT ARTISTS Established in 2010, KOMANDO GROUP finally spawned an ARTISM MANAGEMENT division, in which the VISION is to Print and Develop Potential Artists under Management. Artist Management Command and also print television personnel who are loved and liked by various groups of people in Indonesia. Its mission is to make Indonesian artists under ARTISM MANAGEMENT become artists who are cultured, educated, smart and entertain various television makers in Indonesia.


KOMANDO Music is part of KOMANDO GROUP which produces a variety of quality music and songs. Since its establishment in October 2016, the Music Commander has succeeded in producing quality singers and musicians by producing songs that are liked by various groups of people in Indonesia. Music Command is here to meet the needs of music lovers in the country by producing talented talents from various musical genres. And in todays digital era, Music Command comes with different business formulas and strategies.


KOMANDO Advertising is a new division of the development of the KOMANDO PRODUCTION Production House. KOMANDO Advertising was established in 2018 and officially operates to complete the Division within KOMANDO GROUP.

KOMANDO Advertising will answer various challenges from all Products and Various Companies in Indonesia that require various forms of Promotion with the Latest Innovations and Creative, for their needs, for the Products they have. KOMANDO Advertising is ready to compete with advertising companies in Indonesia by providing the best results. KOMANDO Advertising will satisfy the needs of Client / Product in Indonesia with Creative Innovations owned by KOMANDO Advertising.


KOMANDO Channel is a part of KOMANDO GROUP that produces Content Video And Audio which is a YOUTUBE platform. a variety of quality music and songs, Dangdut and Pop genre. Since its establishment in September 2016, KOMANO CHANNEL has succeeded in producing Content Videos of more than 115 videos with various concepts, including Short Films, Comedy Sketches, Behind the Scene and others. Channel Command is here to meet the needs of the subscribers in the country.